Can Durmus's "Intergalactic" EP is Out Now!

In the last quarter of 2019, Can Durmus said, "In addition to the four elements on the basis of being, music created the FIFTH ELEMENT for us!" The new record company FIFTH ELEMENT, which it introduced with its motto, gained a successful momentum in a short time and received the support of many artists in the international community. The fourth EP of the FIFTH ELEMENT, which has released two compilation albums and one EP so far, comes out with “Intergalactic”.

“Intergalactic”, which consists of three tracks, two of them Melodic Techno and Breakbeat, offers a different taste to the listeners.

The starting track is "Intergalactic", which gave this album its name. Powerful bass and kicks represent the dark side of the dance floor, with moving effects and impressive tunes created in a wide atmosphere. The second track "Hypervelocity" deserves to attract the attention of the audience with its attacking bass, retro synths and traditional melodies. The last track "Azure" offers an unconventional style for Can Durmus.